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Summer is great, but are we aware of its dangers?

Leaving a child or pet in a vehicle when running an errand sometimes seems like a good idea. But it never is.

Temperature rise in a vehicle

Graph 1

When even a minute can be too long

When a vehicle is exposed to heat, the greenhouse effect occurs. On a 25°C (78°F) day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to 38°C (100°F) in just minutes.

Why does it keep happening?

In a survey we did, 80% of people said that they would never forget their child or pet in a car. But the facts speak for themselves.

Graph 2

Heatstroke is a real problem

Heatstroke can cause alterations in consciousness and lead to permanent brain, heart and kidney damage. In a worst-case scenario, it puts a person at risk of death.

Children are more affected

A child's central nerve system isn't fully developed and can't control body temperature as efficiently. A child's core body temperature can rise five times quicker than adult's.

Pets are being neglected

Dogs and cats don’t sweat like we do. Dogs stay cool by panting and releasing heat through their paw pads, while cats only sweat from their paws. They can't handle the heat and are affected even quicker than children.

Child victims per year (USA)
+ Animal victims per year (USA)

Introducing ALIVE

Alive is a gadget that could help prevent permanent damage and death of a child or a pet left in a vehicle.

Alive render

Minimalist design

Alive's design can be easily integrated into any enviroment of any color.


A small device, but can make all the difference in the world.

LED indicator

A LED status bar will remind you of the battery level.


Located on the bottom of Alive making charging easy.

How it works

Even though it is a potential life saver, the technology that Alive uses is simple.

Bluetooth connectivity

All the components are connected together by Bluetooth technology.

SMS notifications

When activated, Alive will send you a message.


Alive works on a rechargeable battery.


Alive detects the presence of a living being with a combination of sensors.

Temperature sensor

Alive activates when a certain temperature is reached.


You can configure the settings via the Alive app.


The app is a must have for every Alive buyer. With it, you can customize Alive to fit your needs and preferences.

Cross platform support

You can download the Alive app for free either for IOS or Android.

Easy to use

A user interface designed for a quicker and easier user experience.


Your phone will connect with Alive via the Alive app.

Personalize Alive

Adjust a variety of Alive's settings with the official app.

Alive app image

Explore our amazing add-ons

The connectibles are what makes Alive so powerful. With a variety of different add-ons we can satisfy every specific need.

Alive blanket

Keep your pets comfortable and safe with the Alive blanket.

Alive motion sensor

No movement of your family members will go unnoticed.

Alive pressure pads

Insert them in a child safety seat for best effect.

Alive 360° motion sensor

Now you can cover a whole space with only one device.

Alive voice detection

A cry for help won't go unheard again.

Alive collar

The bluetooth enabled collar can detect the presence of your pet.

Join the ALIVE movement!

Alive was made with a wish to help and make the world a little better. If you're ready to join us on this journey, click the button below.

The team

Meet the team behind ALIVE.


Anton Klemen



Žiga Mrzlikar


Our sponsors

Without the help of our supporters, we probably wouldn't have been able to achieve our goals. So thank you to everyone.


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